Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Arriving in style

Arriving in style is an important part of your wedding day. Getting to your wedding venue by renting a traditional limo can be expensive. But there are other fun options that will have you arriving in style.

There are so many transport ideas. You can arrive by  a retro car, bus, helicopter, boat, horse, bicycle, golf cart or even a TRACTOR! Your choice of vehicle can be a great focal point or prop to pose around and will make for memorable photos.

Keeping with our rustic theme we have managed to find a big red tractor that we can put a trailer on the back, with some hay bales for us to arrive on. It wouldn't be a barn wedding without a tractor....and I think our page boys are going to have a blast arriving on this red farm machine!

Girl knows how to make an entrance!


  1. This is such a fun idea, definitely works perfect with your outdoors theme!


  2. Lovely idea! It's going to be wonderful :)